I am a fully qualified psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society and the French 'Direction départementale des affaires sanitaires et sociales'.

I undertook my clinical training in a large NHS hospital where I was subsequently employed in the Psychology Service.

I have taught postgraduate psychology students at UK universities.

My main therapeutic approach is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy but I introduce other techniques when helpful.  Each client is treated as a unique individual and therapy is tailored to meet his/her needs.

I have a particular interest in anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder for which I employ a targeted therapy know as Eye Movement Desensitisation and  Reprocessing (EMDR).

I have test material that may be useful if individuals are concerned about memory or learning. 

Recently I have introduced into my practice the use of Virtual Reality technology, which is particularly helpful with phobias and relaxation training.

On a personal level I have lived as an expatriate for many years in various locations around the world.    I have personal insight into the difficulties that can be encountered when living abroad.    I settled in France with my family in 2005 and opened my practice in 2007.